Concur Travel will be used to make reservations for University travel.  Travel arrangements made through Concur are managed through Christopherson Business Travel.  Users may contact the travel agency directly for help with travel arrangements or technical support.


Christopherson Business Travel

Helpdesk for Online Travel Technical & Navigational Support
Monday-Friday 8am-7pm CT


Travel Agent Assistance
24/7/365 Assistance


For urgent assistance, the contact information for the after-hours agent along with the necessary code is available on the homepage of the Concur site in the Company Notes section.


UA’s Dedicated Southwest Webpage



Concur Travel User GuideIllustrated step-by-step instructions on making travel reservations through Concurguide icon
User Profile Setup GuideNew to Concur? Start here first. This guide outlines the steps necessary to set up your User Profile prior to booking travel or entering expense iconguide icon
Booking a FlightLearn how to book a flight through the Concur Travel Module. video iconguide icon
Searching for Flights by Flight Number Learn how to search for a flight in Concur by the flight number through the Concur Travel Module. guide icon
Adding a Travel Arranger/AssistantLearn how to add a Travel Arranger/Assistant within your Concur Profile. guide icon
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