SAP Concur

Concur Mobile

Concur for Mobile is an optional tool that allows users to book travel, capture receipts, and work with expense reports from a smartphone or mobile device.

Getting Started with Concur Mobile

  1. Search for SAP Concur and download the Concur App for your device.  
    Apple     Android    Blackberry     Windows

  2. Login to the App on your device. Users are required to login using their myBama email address (example: then enter their myBama username and password.  Biometric sign-in options such as facial recognition and fingerprints are also available.  The App home screen provides access to your trips, expenses, expense reports, approvals, and more.


Concur Mobile Logo

Create and submit accurate expense reports instantly from a smartphone.
No more copying or taping paper receipts. Concur’s mobile application lets you use a smartphone camera to capture and attach a receipt to your expense report.


Quickly process expense reports from anywhere.
Approvers can use their mobile device to review, approve or reject expense reports while they’re out of the office, reducing the time to reimbursement and gaining real-time views into spend.