When will my department start to use Concur?

You will be notified in advance of your department’s rollout date.


Once I have access to Concur, will I be able to submit paper vouchers?

No.  Once your department has begun using Concur, we will no longer accept paper vouchers.


Can I set up another user to prepare expense reports or process approvals for me?

Absolutely.  You can set up a temporary or permanent delegate from your profile screen.


Should I put all of my non-travel P-Card transactions for the month on a single report?

We’ll leave that one up to you.  You can add transactions to the same report and submit it at the end of the week or month.  Just don’t forget that P-Card transactions must be submitted and approved by your supervisor and org approver by the 10th of the next month.


How long do I have to keep my paper receipts after I scan them and submit the report?

We recommend that you keep your paper copy at least until the report is fully processed through subsequent approvers and payment is made or transactions are posted in Banner.