Travel Updates

As communicated in the UA News on June 8, 2021, University-sponsored domestic travel is no longer prohibited.  Any non-essential University-sponsored international travel continues to be prohibited with limited exceptions approved through the existing waiver process.  As such, the option to book travel through the Concur booking tool has been restored. 

Pre-Trip Approvals
Further communications on June 11, 2021, from Dr. James Dalton and Matt Fajack require Pre-Trip Approvals. 

  • All overnight travel to out-of-state destinations must be approved by the traveler’s supervisor via a Pre-Trip Approval Form.  The Pre-Trip Approval Form is located on the UA Accounts Payable website along with additional details and FAQs.  The form must then be attached to all Expense Reports related to the approved trip. 
  • All international travel must be reviewed and approved by Risk Management.  The travel must then be approved via the International Travel Request in the Request module of Concur with the approval from Risk Management attached. 

Booking Travel
Effective for trips booked on or after August 1, 2021, the Concur booking tool must be used to book travel.  This includes airfare, lodging and rental car bookings.  We recognize that better rates may be obtained for hotels using conference rates. These will be allowed to be booked directly with the hotel and when reconciled in Concur, please note clearly that it was booked outside of Concur to obtain the conference rate.  All other airfare, lodging and rental car bookings should be booked in the Concur system using a UA P-Card.  Bookings made through the Concur booking tool must be paid for using a UA P-Card.  If you need to obtain a UA P-Card, please complete the Concur-P-Card User Access Form.

Please contact Accounts Payable for any and all questions related to changes above.